The Last Olympian, pages 337-338

omg I’m going to go to hang out around comic con I’m so excited 


how do people on tumblr become so interesting that people actually willingly ask them about their life like i’ve been here for 3 years and i’m pretty sure half of you don’t even know my name

we still doin favorite pictures of 2014 so far?

(yes that’s Drake Bell bottom right c:)





This is a comic about my own emotions, made to release my own emotions, and to cope with my own emotions.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this. And how JUST because someone has friends, or a boyfriend or ANYTHING.. it doesn’t fucking mean they should be happy. I’ve had so many people tell me to be happy because I have nothing to be depressed about. It’s the most stupid thing I’ve heard in my life.

This is so great. Anons do this so much.

This is literally so fucking relevant to me it HURTS.

So today in health class, our teacher was explaining the rules for the classroom and she gets to the dress code. she says “Girls, you don’t need to show everything.” and the bitch next to me says “Cindy” in an accusing tone, and I just look at her and say “excuse me, that’s rude” like she’s commented on my clothes before and how I show too much like girl if my shoulders are too much to handle you have a problem. I’m sorry I have boobs. she tried apologizing when the bell rang, but I rolled my eyes and dismissed her with a “whatever” 

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i was tagged by beckendorph  (my bby<3)

  1. favorite/most interesting subject/thing to talk about (and not just school subjects i mean anything)? ooh probably feminism. I love arguing(I don’t mean nonsensical yelling, more like debating maybe)
  2. what do you think would be a cool profession (even if u wouldn’t go through with it)? musical theatre
  3. your favorite type of music and why? probably Disney/Broadway type music becasue it tells a story and its so expressive and very very fun to sing 
  4. what’s your personality type? do you think it suits you?  enfp. yeah it describes me fairly well
  5. your ideal partner? someone who would still want to be with me after seeing me at my worst. someone who could accept that side of me and love me anyways 
  6. your thoughts on nash grier? he’s done incredibly stupid things. I haven’t forgiven him for it yet, but who knows, maybe he’ll be better when he’s older. people do change. but right now he’s pretty shitty 
  7. if you could go back in history and change/see one thing, what would it be? I would want to see the opening day of Disneyland. 
  8. DO YOU PLAY KIM KARDASHIAN HOLLYWOOD?  no but my boyfriend does
  9. favorite tv show and why?  American Horror Story. Or How I Met Your Mother. I just got hooked on both 
  10. what/who do you hate most and why? as of right now, this girl named Shelia. she’s the most annoying person ever. everything about her is so irrelevant to me. and she chose to sit right next to me in health class ugghh I have a story to tell you guys but I’ll just put it in another text post.
  11. have you listened to pretty hurts by beyonce no but I will 

Thank you to Rachel for tagging me!<3 I won’t be tagging anyone since a lot of people don’t like these games??(idk why I love it) plus I’m supposed to be doing homework oops

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Whenever you’re going through a bad day just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good.
— My amazing friend (via pain-is-temporary-keep-fighting)





if you were to become the president of the world, what is the first law you would pass?

Execute The Furries

*growls angrily and raises tail in caution*



ambrosia is literally so much like medical cocaine to demigod kids. “here take this, you’ll feel way better instantly. i mean don’t take too much or it’ll kill you horribly but like”


my chem teacher asked us to write an introductory letter about ourselves, and one of the questions he asked us was “What it takes for you to be successful in school” so I just wrote “I need a teacher that I have good chemistry with.”


when ur texting a boy and he wants to play the question game





lemmie guess: the only reason people in the pjo fandom like octavian is cause percy was reminded of luke when he met him and tio rick knows we could never say anything bad ever about everyone’s little misunderstood baby luke castellan smh love yourselves

idk i kinda like octavian because 

  1. i defy the typical fans
  2. he had valid points about chb
  3. percy shows up and is very confused yet is still made praetor when octavian was right there


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i’m procrastinating because i’m stressed and i’m stressed because i’m procrastinating


I never seen a such an accurate gif